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Avoid making these 5 social media privacy mistakes

social media privacy

Protect your account from being hacked by staying away from these social media privacy mistakes. Social media allows us to express ourselves. We can post almost anything. Make connections. Follow the lives of others. Stay connected. However, all of these great benefits can come at the cost of our personal privacy. Oversharing or befriending strangers […]

Stay safe with these 5 Zoom privacy tips

zoom privacy

With working from home as the new norm in 2020, Zoom quickly became a popular choice for arranging video conferences and virtual meetings. However, Zoom has faced numerous privacy concerns, including Zoom bombing, accounts being hacked and passwords stolen, and issues that could have allowed hackers to access a computer’s camera and microphone. The company […]

What I learned when I downloaded my Instagram data

instagram data

Did you know you can download your Instagram data? With a few simple steps, you can request an Instagram data download and see what information has been collected about your account over the last few years. According to Tech Crunch, one of the reasons Instagram rolled out this feature was to be GDPR compliant and […]