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Protecting Your Digital Footprint from Flipper Zero with Spy-Fy’s Faraday Bags


  Unveiling the Flipper Zero: A Hacker’s Swiss Army Knife In the world of crowd-sourced funding, few projects stand out like the Flipper Zero. This pocket-sized multipurpose hacking tool, took Kickstarter by storm. A staggering 37,987 backers wholeheartedly believed in its potential, and collectively, they pledged an impressive $4,882,784 to bring this innovative project to […]

A guide to gifts for business owners

business relationships gifts for business owners originele relatiegeschenken origineel relatiegeschenk

As a professional company, you probably put a lot of effort into maintaining meaningful relationships. Of course, maintaining good relationships with clients is essential. However, a good relationship with other business owners is perhaps even more important. Beyond regular contact, it is vital to build a bond of trust, something that is of great value […]

T-Mobile data breach: how does it affect you and your company?

More than 53 million people were subject to T-Mobile data breach at the end of 2021. That’s even a conservative estimation since that’s what the telecom provider itself reported. However, some reports even state that the data of more than 100 million customers could be included. That’s the equivalent of the entire customer base of […]

5 ways the new iPhone 14 (Pro Max) can be hacked

Apple is about to launch their new iPhone 14. Rumour has it that it will be available for pre-order on the 9th of September 2022. The actual release date will be Friday the 16th of September 2022. Four models will be released: Apple iPhone 14; Apple iPhone 14 Pro; Apple iPhone 14 Max; Apple iPhone […]

USB data blockers: everything you need to know

USB data blockers everything you need to know

Every single day, the devices that we use generate a ton of data. The amount of data that we generate is also growing at an incredible pace, partly due to the growth of the Internet of Things. Expectations are that in just 2,5 years, we will produce around 463 exabytes of data each day worldwide. […]

4 Holiday scams to watch out for

holiday scams

Don’t let hackers hijack your holiday season. With the holiday season upon us, it is time to be extra vigilant against holiday scams. From holiday charity scams to package theft, there are a number of ways scammers may try to trick you out of your money or personal information. Learn how to protect yourself and […]

Can someone hack your iPhone camera?

can my iphone camera be hacked

Webcam hacking is a known privacy problem for laptops and pcs. However, iPhone cameras may also be susceptible to “camfecting” or camera hacking. Camfecting refers to when a hacker remotely controls the camera on your device, states David Cook, a Computer and Security expert, in an article for The Conversation. Cook suggests covering up unsecured […]

Was Trump’s Twitter hacked? Secure your Twitter account

Twitter is a popular social media platform for quickly reaching a broad audience. However, several high profile users have fallen victim to Twitter hacks such as Kanye West, Elon Musk, and Joe Biden. According to de Volkskrant, Donald Trump is the latest celebrity/politician to have his Twitter hacked. If it can happen to them, it […]