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Spy-Fy Privacy Kit: Complete Privacy Protection!

£28.95 .

The Spy-Fy Privacy Kit is a premium 3 in 1 privacy protection kit that contains the following privacy products:

  • The Webcam Cover is a stylish and functional upgrade for your laptop, tablet or smartphone that will guarantee your protection from webcam hacking.
  • By plugging in the USB Data Blocker between your Smartphone and the public charger or computer, you will get a perfect charging current without the risk of infecting your smartphone with malware, viruses or any other unwanted data transfer.
  • The RFID Blocking Card creates an active shield that protects all of the RFID enabled cards that are in your wallet. Your Credit Cards, Security Access cards, Passports and other IDs will all be protected from RFID hackers.

Key Features:

  • 3 in 1 Privacy Kit
  • Webcam Cover | Webcam Hacking Protection
  • USB Data Blocker | Safe Smartphone Charging
  • RFID Blocking Card | Active RFID Skimming Protection
  • Designed in the Netherlands
  • High-Quality – Made from Durable Materials
  • Estimated delivery time between 5 – 10 business days

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In the digital age, protecting your privacy may seem like an impossible task. At Spy-Fy, we believe that you should have all the right gadgets so that you can protect your privacy in a manner that is simple, yet effective. Each of our privacy gadgets has been designed to help solve a specific privacy problem. With our gadgets like the Privacy Kit, you can.

  • Stop webcam snoops in their tracks! With our Spyslide webcam cover, worry no more about unwanted visitors peeping through the other side of your webcam.
  • Create a zone of protection in your wallet! With our RFID Blocking Card, you can prevent skimming of personal information from your credit cards and ID cards.
  • Charge your phone without fear! With our USB Data Blocker, you can charge your devices at public charging ports while keeping your photos and files safe.

Each of these privacy gadgets has a role to play in keeping your privacy secure. To ensure that your privacy is protected in the most complete and comprehensive manner, we have bundled all of our privacy gadgets together into a Privacy Kit! With our Privacy Kit, you get the combined protection benefit of all our gadgets.

How long does my shipment & delivery take?

All Spy-Fy Privacy Kit orders are shipped with tracking by local carriers from our distribution centres in the US, Germany and the Netherlands depending on your orders delivery destination. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for further information on shipment and estimated delivery times.

Why should you use a Webcam Slide?

Whether you’re busy working at the office or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, your privacy is at risk. Any unsecured webcam on phones or laptops around you presents the possibility of webcam espionage. But fear no more, in one simple sliding motion you can decide to take back control of your webcam. A webcam cover is a gadget that blocks a device’s camera. Since 2013, webcam hacking has been a regular item in the news cycle. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets alike have all fallen victim to webcam snoops. Covering the webcam is a hands-on solution to a digital privacy problem.

Why should you use a RFID Blocking Card?

Whenever you make a wireless payment with a credit card or bank card, check in on public transport, or scan your passport or ID card, RFID chip radiation is used to exchange information. While this technology has made life easier and more efficient, it has also put your personal data at risk from card skimming. When your cards are sitting in your wallet, the possibility exists that outside scanners or malicious card skimmers could try to pick up  and read this information from the RFID chip in your cards. Quite simply, the purpose of an RFID Blocking Card is all in its name; it blocks RFID technology information exchange. By blocking RFID signals, it keeps malicious parties from stealing your data!

Why should you use a USB Data Blocker?

A normal USB charger has the capability of charging your phone as well as transferring your data. For example, imagine that you’re traveling, your phone is almost dead and you have no other choice but to plug your phone charger into the nearest computer or public charging port available. In doing so, whoever owns the charging point suddenly has the ability to access all of your files and photos, just because you’re charging your device via their charging point or computer. Luckily, this privacy problem has a simple solution. When the USB Data Blocker is connected to your USB charger, then only power is allowed to flow through. Access to your files and data is restricted, making data transfer and leakage impossible! No matter where you charge, be it at a shopping mall, airport lounge, or a public library computer, with a data blocker, your data is now safe and secure!

Get the benefit of complete privacy protection, with our 3 in 1 Privacy Kit. 


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